Zombie movies and TV shows. There’s not a lot of zombies in ancient folklore. Sumo’s film thesis is that they’re a result of modern society and automation.

Sumo offends all the nerds.

If you ever find yourself in a zombie apocalypse just wear some layers.

The Mystical American Patriots Society is working on the zombie vaccine and genuinely saving lives.

The Moon Map! How map projections work. Everything is an inversion and that’s the Devil’s one major trick. As above, so below. Star Magic and what if things people built here below created things above.

Everything about the moon is too crazy.

Science is an alternative creation myth for an alternative religion. Science exists so man can mythologize away God and justify living a life of sin.

Black conspiracy theorists are always super smart and on the cutting edge or they’re completely insane. There’s no middle ground.

Magnetic and electric fields. Do they maybe match the lines of latitude and longitude? Are electric fields male while magnetic fields are female?

Plasma may be sentient. What if angels are plasma beings?

The moon map shows a lot of extra land out there. Do we live in a puddle melted by the sun as it slowly rotates around a larger circle over the period of a Great Year?

There are more Muslims in Europe now than there used to be, and a lot of white Europeans may convert to Islam because Christianity has failed.

Are you your heart or your intellect?

Check out the new website at www.mapsoc.org.

Sumo hates plot holes.



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