The Mystical American Patriots Society is a podcast-based community of individuals seeking individual sovereignty within the Free Will Realm

Things we might cover: Bigfoot. The Church Fathers. Enlightenment dialectical philosophy and its woes. Ghosts. How to build physics equipment. Phantom limb syndrome. Cloning. City planning. How to grow your own food. And much more!

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Meet Your Hosts



Sumo is the Starfleet Commander of The Mystical American Patriots Society. He has been engaged in battle against the forces of darkness for roughly two decades and is a veteran of many wars you’ve never heard of. Armed primarily with a ukulele, he leads The Mystical American Patriots against the forces of Satan to drive the demonic from our lands.



Smokestack was clone number 735, series Delta. He was created from raw genetic material to assist sumo in logistical operations of the war. Unfortunately, the cloning process is still a developing technology and despite living in a hermetically sealed tube he succumbed to bacterial infection and had to be incinerated in fire. A simulacrum of his consciousness persists as an A.I. named Ghoststack, taking part in the day-to-day communications of the organization.

Palas Cat


Kavi is clone number 736, series Delta. Created as a replacement for 735, he exhibits many improvements upon the previous model, including both a better gray-to-white matter ratio and a more robust carriage. The administrative head of the organization, Kavi handles complex network communications from a hidden base in the frozen north.

Rave Reviews

Hands Down One of My Favorite Podcasts

Very well done without being overdone or too dressed up, just two friends talking about a wide array of interesting topics/insights. All integrated into a meaningfully Christian understanding of the cosmos. Strong recommend—well worth your time.

At Least As Good As a Sandwich

This podcast is at least as enjoyable as a sandwich. And I’m not talking about the bread with toppings you get at Subway. I’m talking about a high quality Reuben from a Jewish Deli. Or a meatball hoagie.

This Show is the Greatest Piece of Art Since Mozart

It helped me regrow my hair, made my cancer go away, and healed my marriage.

Real Life X-Files

Sumo & Smokestack are a modern day Mulder & Scully (X-Files). Tackling the periphery of weird, strange and the taboo. Niccolo Machiavelli once said “mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though they were realities.” This show peels away the facade of any number of things that are taken for granted to be real. Prepare to have your eyes opened!

Not the Worst Podcast

I’d like it better is Sumo hadn’t blocked me on Facepage.

As Banned From

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