The Corpus Callosum. Surviving WW3 lesson 1: For the Urbanite [ for complete notes]. Mailbag featuring Duke of Alba and Two Cycle. With apologies to the MPC Forum. (01:13:00) Interview with Ron Dart about C.S. Lewis and the Christian Ashram movement.



Fixing Your Feet

Smokestack’s Shoes

Smokestack’s Socks

Ron Dart


WW3 Supply Chain Collapse Survival Prep for Slacker Dumb-Dumbs.

  1. City Dwellers/Urbanite:

    1. Define Urbanite:

      1. You live in a densely populated city, and resources are brought into that city from far away places to support the work and life of those living there.

      2. You don’t own or have access to land where you can grow food for yourself.

      3. You don’t have productive capacity within your household (Consumer).

      4. You don’t have family or community connections with your nearest neighbors.

      5. Your material needs come from giant corporations.

    2. Preface: I understand why you probably are stuck here, unprepared. There are people there you can’t leave behind, I assume. These relationships are valuable and worth sacrificing for. However, if you’re a city-dweller because of the money and dining choices, I don’t feel at all sorry for you.

      Survival for the urbanite is going to be completely different than survival for the suburbanite and rural person. This is because you have no connection to the bounty of nature, and will not be able to make that connection for the duration of the crisis. If the node on the globalism network that hosts your life fails, you are going to be a gypsy. You need to get onto another node ASAP. This is survival for you.

      HOWEVER: If you have family or friends that will take you in, who live in a suburban or rural setting, your plans should be focused on getting there safely. Much of the following info will be helpful to this end, but once you get there you’re going to have to transition to a suburban/rural strategy. All the better if you arrive with SKILLS.

    3. My starting assumptions:

      1. Good news: most of the government resources-aid deployed in the event of a collapse of the brittle supply chain will be headed in your direction. This is because your labor is necessary to the continuity of the government power structures, at least in some tertiary way.

      2. Bad news: the last shreds of personal/constitutional liberty will be quickly taken away in exchange for safety and calories.

      3. More bad news: If your node on the globalism network fails, you’re going to be caught in the middle of “World War Z” type situation, but without any helicopter pickups.

    4. Your Goal: Cities are networks and nodes for resource and labor distribution. You can’t survive long in a failed node. If your node fails, you need to get to another functional node before the chaos overtakes you.

    5. How to prep:

      1. Phase 1: Controlled Austerity

        1. In this phase, the government/corporation complex keeps your node supplied with goods, though there will be shortages of all kinds.

        2. Hoard up rice, beans, water, canned goods other essentials to last you for a few weeks or get you through unreliable node problems.

        3. Learn repair and home economics. Learn to cook using basic ingredients. Thrift is key. Practice weekly by experimenting with meals based on dried grains, beans, butter, flour.

        4. In wartime, there will be intelligence, counter-intelligence and espionage operations going on anywhere there is critical government or logistics infrastructure. Keep your incorrect opinions to yourself.

      2. Phase 2: Node Failure

        1. In this phase, resources and/or energy have failed in your node because of enemy action or reallocation of scarce resources. Unlike suburban or rural areas, human life cannot be sustained via local efforts and natural resources. You are now a refugee.

        2. Your Goal: Cities are networks and nodes for resource and labor distribution. You can’t survive long in a failed node. If your node fails, you need to get to another functional node before the chaos overtakes you.

        3. Train cardio, carrying weight, and some kind of fighting discipline. Robbery and rape are your main threats. We’re not going to worry about nukes here. Read about that elsewhere.

        4. If you have a car, stash some extra fuel in durable leakproof containers along with tire repair kit and other items needed to make expedient repairs. Hose for siphoning gas.

        5. You need a crew of trustworthy people that can stick together. Find out where the nearest FEMA camp is or will be, and make a plan to get there. FEMA camps are for you. Nobody is going to be “rounded up”, rather urbanites will be trampling each other to get in when their nodes fail.

        6. Build a bug-out-bag and keep it with you. I’m generally not a fan of bug-out bags, but if you live in a mega-city, you have to be flexible and be able to get yourself out of the dead-node on the network and onto a live-node. AT MINIMUM:

          1. A sturdy backpack.

          2. Hiking shoes appropriate to the climate, and extra socks.

          3. Layers of clothing that will keep you from dying from exposure if you get stuck out in the open somewhere.

          4. Some means to protect yourself that you can realistically use.

          5. 2L water storage and purification tablets. (skip the camelback bladder)

          6. Expedient rations

          7. First aid capabilities.

          8. Tools to make entry/exit of locked buildings. Cutting, prying, shimming, picking. (practice with them)

          9. Basic survival tools. (swiss army knife, flashlight, Bic lighters, )

          10. A bed roll. (you will need to sleep rough)

          11. Paper maps of your city and state with important resources pre-labeled.