Presidential diversity, don’t ask and don’t tell for mentally challenged presidential candidates.

The debates!

Bioethics, government budgets, the United States is still number one, U.S. bureaucracy can’t be topped.

We have made America great again and it’ll be even greater in the future, and sillier.

The transition to faker and gayer and maybe even more fun.

Laughter drives away the devil.

Rising through bureaucracy.

The avatar of America is Homer Simpson. No idea what he’s doing but he keeps failing upwards.

Asking flat Earth questions at parties.

The goal of this show, imaginary boogie men, giving up your authority, victim mindsets.


Timothy F. Kauffman Interview

NASA, Timothy’s history with Catholicism, apparitions of Mary and other paranormal spiritual things.

Narrative walls, the Ark of the Covenant, capital punishment, Mary’s perpetual virginity.

You can’t find two Roman Catholics who believe the exact same things.

Which Catholic church do you go to?

Which teachings of the Pope are infallible?

Schisms about schisms.



One Billion Denominations Article

Yes Minister