Complaining about the Internet, Disney is the reason why children’s sports suck, the American scam.

Sumo explains additional dimensions, physics, and String Theory. No one knows what time is.

Dolores Cannon and past life regression, measuring time which doesn’t exist, Star Seeds and Einstein was an idiot.

Adam Apollo is Sumo’s favorite guy on the Internet.

World War 3 continues to almost start but not quite.

Things are expensive in America now because there’s less illegal immigration.

The Emperor’s New Clothes and the only way out is to scam even harder.

Tartaria, the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts, new 9/11 videos suddenly appearing, old Spanish Flu photos of people wearing masks and other things being poofed into existence.

Reality is created by looking at it.

Physics and particle accelerators, did any of these subatomic particles even exist before we started looking for them?

Your belief defines reality, can the universe exist without conscious observers? The universe is made out of language.

Magic spells are just belief aids and how to profit off our reality.



Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin A. Abbott


Adam Apollo

The Lost History of Flat Earth Volume 1 Complete

Tartaria, An Exposition, and its Plot Hole

Lost History of Flat Earth 2: End