The eclipse is impossible, and no one uses the heliocentric model to predict anything. Eclipses are predicted using an ancient method called the Saros Cycle.

Don’t be afraid about all the weird stuff happening during the eclipse.

Red heifers, the shoe thing, Sumo’s anti-Semitic tirade.

Earthquakes, as above so below as a cosmic principle, gambling on the eclipse, gambling on gambling, scams within ponzi schemes.

Looking for numerology in eclipse news articles.

If you look at anything too hard it’ll fall apart but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true, ish.

More flat-Earth talk, getting into science for status vs genuine curiosity.

Fully automated stores and fake A.I.

Sumo advocates for slavery.

The purpose of a system is what it does.

It’s all someone else’s fault.

Oh, and P. Diddy is the Black Jeffrey Epstein.


Interview with a Catholic Hindu

Watching changes in Catholicism happen in real time, why the Trad movement happened, what you think is trad is actually from a previous revolutionary cycle.

Orthodoxy is a joke.

Demons and the end of the world.

Declaring the Pope infallible was the jumping of the shark, no one actually cares about being logically consistent with their faith, pew-fodder.



Humans have been predicting eclipses for thousands of years, but it’s harder than you might think

How NASA uses the Saros Cycle to predict eclipses (from their own website)