Big tech companies are not profitable, how it actually works, lots of money from the CIA, NSA and government.

Censorship on the Internet isn’t as bad as you think.

Leftists and Right-Wingers both have persecution complexes.

Gab’s charging money and people are freaking out.

Ads on the Internet don’t pay for anything.

State-enforced homosexuality.

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter is not the system losing control. The secret Jew tunnels were allowed to be shown everywhere. The screen is a theatre, everything you see there is for a reason.

Politics is a battery and the coming right-wing pendulum shift.

Elon Musk suing Open A.I.

Certified Real.

Wendy’s Surge Pricing.

Ghosts! Heaven and Hell are a continuum with Earth as the middle ground. The Stone Tape Theory. Intelligent hauntings vs non-intelligent hauntings. Ghost hunting and ghost stories. Sumo’s haunted statue.

Free-choice with an omnipotent God.

Demons are findable but don’t go looking for them.

Full frequency encoding, using sound to break things apart, Equal Temperament vs Just Intonation, music as a psychological weapon, go out and experiment!



Political Conflict in the Age of Psychic Warfare