Rebranding the show.

Spiritual swingers, living in unprecedented times and discussing the Owen Cyclops interview from the previous episode.

Leaving the consensus reality, what’s our new operating system? Trying to find all the answers.

Christianity in today’s day and age with the Internet.

Trying on ideas like you’d try on clothes.

Politics, the left is just another orthodoxy, another level of distraction.

Elon Musk is not your friend, fake wars, A.I., the power of laughter, real heresy.

They always have to tell you.

Facts absent a narrative mean nothing, the whole point of authority figures, morality washing and building the new god.

Taylor Swift is not a psy-op, or is he?

Let’s destroy some priceless art!

Making Jesus into an idol, why Joseph Smith is so interesting and awesome, Mormonism is really strange but has some good points…

Protestants idolize the Bible, Catholics idolize the church, Orthodoxy idolizes the church fathers.

The media comes between.


We’re going to solve all the problems on this show, please look forward to it!



S3E040: Interview with Special Guest Owen Cyclops

Ukrainian Fake? War Photos Video

Fragments of Heraclitus

The Darkness of God: Negativity in Christian Mysticism by Denys Turner