About Gary Wayne’s book The Genesis 6 Conspiracy and it’s upcoming sequel.

Two Genesis creation stories and pre-Adamic humans? Was Adam created after Day 7?

Giants, Goliath, King Og, Gilgamesh, how big were they?

Two different lines of humans and how does that affect us today? The Nachash, a serpentine race, Seraphim are dragons and angels don’t tend to get their hands dirty.

Noah had pure human DNA.

The Angelic Rebellion and why were the giants created?

There are giants and monsters in every single ancient culture, it can’t all just be allegorical or metaphorical. The same stories are told on every continent, the flood, god rebelling, etc. Plus there’s pyramids built on every continent too.

Why don’t we see all this stuff happening today?

Nephilim traits like red hair, RH Negative blood, and elite bloodlines.

Serpent/Dragon/Reptilian gods are in every ancient culture around the world.

Secret societies, Masons and their plans throughout history.

Nimrod and secret knowledge from Hermes, the Tower of Babel incident, the Last Days will be like the “Days of Noah.”

The chronology of pre-history.

How do you live today knowing all these things?

What are the ultimate goals of the secret societies, Nephilim and fallen angels? Counterfeiting the Anti-Christ and Jesus is the ultimate solution.

What’s in those bags all the depictions of ancient gods are always holding?



The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humankind