The history of Thanksgiving and Squanto.

The Irish riots and why protests don’t work. Protests are fake violence and they’re stupid. The Irish protests are only going to result in the government passing more hate speech laws.

Democracy is mostly fake.

No one ever learns anything. There’s nothing to do and Klaus Schwab was right. Was Klaus Schwab the original Alex Jones?

Potatoes are the easiest thing to grow. How did the Irish Potato Famine ever happen?

The magic spell of the victim mindset. Being a victim never gave anyone any power.

How Sumo is going to turn into an evil supervillain.

That 70s president in Argentina.

The bankers are correct. Americans don’t deserve freedom; in fact, they need less of it.

Elon Musk’s space adventures, admitting things are fake, maybe we do live under a dome.

Feeling sympathetic to the globalists.

Grifting isn’t bad anymore.

The radical trad Catholic grift-o-sphere and what Catholics used to do when they disagreed with the Pope.

People love being hypocrites.