Recycling is fake, Sumo’s female environmentalist friend and sometimes there is justice in the world.

Washington and Oregon are mostly deserts.

Sumo talks about how crazy submarines are for a while.

This is a “Meta Conspiracy” podcast for a more advanced audience.

Meta Conspiracy axioms: they always have to tell you, reality is consent-based, loosh harvesting or consent farming, how narratives are created, debt-based power and spell crafting.

The new Meta Conspiracy proposal, “The Weavers”.

It appears that every conspiracy has been woven into a grand arch-conspiracy. The same archetypes appear everywhere in the world, no matter the culture.

There’s a hidden reality behind several layers of narratives and a metaphysical force guides narratives in the same way every time.

Don’t ask questions.


Interview With Alec Ryrie

The Bible and the Reformation.

The Protestant Bible vs. the Catholic Bible and how we got to where we are now.



Alec Ryrie’s YouTube playlist

S3E030: Everything is Star Magic with Special Guest Tom Barnett