You can’t choose your audience and Godward, it’s time to pay for the podcast.

Mother Angelica and why can’t you listeners help us finance a body drawer?

How to hide an empire.

Did you know that the United States used to own the Philippines?

The Pearl Harbor Retcon and the Great American Ethos.

The amazing technology of controlling the world and not knowing about any of it.


Jorge Mesa interview

World War You book, Jorge’s journey, choosing a side, left vs right, binary concepts and trying to turn people into computers.

People are tuning forks, frequencies and music.

Videogames and computer programming.

Singing the Bible.

Shakespearian trickery, the sudden weird change from Old English to Modern English. English as a spell-crafting language that’s killing all other languages.

Solutions to avoid becoming drawn into the Borg, loving your neighbor and Hippie 2.0.



Third Eye Edify Linktree

World War You book

How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States