What’s a little ethnic cleansing among friends?

If the U.S. is ever accused of a war crime they’ll invade the Netherlands.

Sumo has his empty seat ready for Elijah.

Greater Israel, False flags (a tried and true tactic throughout history), sacred sperm, U.S. politicians walking around in foreign military uniforms and Israel did sort of create Hamas.

George Bush was right.

Conservatives are horrible people who love war and hating Muslims is back on the menu.

Gun culture in America is retarded.

The Jews don’t actually run the world.

The left’s attitude towards Israel and general shifting attitudes.

Christianity changed the game of morality.

Victim culture has taken over because people deep down really want to commit violence against other groups.

We might not have the memory span for a new World War.

The new Bigfoot photos have dropped, Sumo loves a good hoax and the Potoroo is back!



Actor Not Sure if He’s Supposed to Support Israel or Palestine