Music talk.

Everything bad started to happen in 1971 when the U.S. got off the gold standard and money became debt. The only way we can continue the economy is to increase the debt. Sumo appreciates the scam and there’s no way to fix the system.

If you use a graph you always win your argument.

The Canadian government embarrasses itself in front of the whole world by giving a standing ovation to a literal Nazi soldier.

No one understands history. Everyone thinks everything was always exactly like things are now. History makes more sense when you think everyone back then was probably as dumb as they are now. The silver lining is laughing at the hypocrisy.

The history of druids in Wales is completely made up.


Interview with the Odd Man Out

Sumo is now a bear after testing out digital black face.

It’s worse for your health to be in a band than it is to be in the military.

How the Odd Man Out got started with podcasting.

Thoughts on the black pill and nihilism.

The Jews! Escatology and the insanity of Israeli politics. Modern Israel was kind of started by Hitler.

Antisemitic is a crazy word. Sumo declares all these ideas invalid. Hate is bad, don’t be unjust to anyone. Don’t fall into any crazy identity stuff.

You’re probably going to be dead soon so get on it if you want to do something.

You have to trailer-park-max, anything else is a failure.



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