Autumn, racist Halloween costumes, Sumo talks about how he used to be part of a cult in the woods that’s definitely not the KKK.

Nothing happened on September 23rd, 2023.

Everything is Star Magic, astrology is a real thing but most pop astrology is nonsense.

Freedom Fry and Stomp Clap Hey music.

The missing fighter jet.

Kavi’s new get rich quick scheme.


Tom Barnett Interview

Natural law and where do our rights come from. Sovereign Citizens is psy-op to get people disillusioned and fighting the wrong things.

Victim Consciousness.

Protesting helps no one and instead legitimizes the system. What are the correct times to protest?

The Illusory World and being in the world but not of it.

Influence by the luminaries and Medieval cosmology.

Different people’s experiences, co-creation, and shared reality.

Audio problems happen as soon as we start talking about something important.

Miracles, Breatharianism, food and fasting



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