Sumo’s new steel drum.

The flu vaccine no longer protects you from the flu. It never protected you from the flu, what are you talking about?

You can’t wake people up.

Vox Day does a scientific experiment and proves that we can see to far. Kavi gets into an argument with people on the Internet about it.

Everyone at NASA has been crazy.

Ludwig Wittgenstein and it’s as good as we can get.

Every single society believed they knew what was going on when it came to science, and it’s never been true. Are we even able to figure it all out?

The early church used to be against iconography and now they’re not.


The mayor of New York City is now against immigration.

The pendulum is swinging back to the other side. Don’t join the mob and start hating different people. Politics is just a battery and it’s time to charge the other side.

Turbo American, the only way out is through. This is probably not true.

If the collapse happens it’ll probably just sorta happen and it’s likely no one will really know why.

No one will care until something bad happens to them.

The New Mexico Governor has suspended rights. Conservatives are useless again. Reasons and rationality don’t matter for The Left. There’s no more age of civility for politics.

The new Loch Ness Monster photo just dropped.



We See Too Much – Vox Day

Note: Kavi was wrong, it doesn’t look like Vox Day did the experiment, he copied and pasted the text from another site and that person did the experiment.

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