Civil War re-enactments, why was the Civil War so weird? Why don’t the re-enact the Revolutionary War? Maybe because of all the terrorism and guerrilla tactics… Do they re-enact wars in Canada?

Upcoming interviews on the Mystical American Patriots Society podcast!

The new Waynel Sexton. George Floyd re-cap. They always have to let you know when it’s fake, it’s part of the Illuminati religion.

Problem, reaction, solution.

Andy Ngo and the totally legit trans activist Vivian She-Man-Ski.

The strangeness of the Denver International Airport, new construction/renovation posters and how they’re telling you what they’re doing.

British panel shows, human fish pies, subversion, and counter-comedy. Sumo is still working on the technology.

Sumo visits the last remaining Blockbuster store.

No there’s not an Ebola outbreak at Burning Man… Although that’s exactly what they would say if there was an Ebola outbreak at Burning Man.

Juggalos may be an untapped market for MAPS.

Sumo’s ranks different sodas into tiers.

Hollywood is a magic spell that subverts public consciousness.

Interview with Ben Thomas about the six months he spent living as an ancient Sumerian.



Ben Thomas on Twitter

The Cradle and the Sword: A Novel

The Strange Continent

The God Enki and the Ocean of Everywhen Essay