Make America Great Again, the Trump TV sitcom.

Trump’s mugshot

World War 3 predictions, the war in Niger, potentially aliens and how do you profit off the End Times?

Trump the Musical would be such a hit, the biggest hit, you’re never going to see a bigger hit. Sumo has a vision and it’s going to be great.

Soccer, “The Game of Ball,” the origins of the sport, soccer vs football, sports are too safe today and soccer used to be much more interesting.

Maybe we should have a political party advocating for more violence in sports.

More evidence that Oliver Anthory is a psy-op and or possibly a fed.

The purpose or war is not to win, it’s to sell military equipment, collect money from debts and fund the military industrial complex.

Why doesn’t anyone care about the Maui fires? Where’s all the hashtags and the profile pictures? A whole bunch of people of color have died and lost their homes.

Sumo’s dental adventures.

The Russian hot dog warlord is dead and it’s not suspicious at all.

What up with all those weird blue things that didn’t burn down in Maui and why did celebrities paint their roofs blue?

Magic, divination, faith, superstitions, visions, heavenly signs and ancestral blood memory in World War I.

How the Catholic Church channeled paganism into more productive things.

When a lot of people start believing in something weird things can happen.

What’s the point of prophecy, unless you’re monetizing it?

The military advantage of spiritualism.




Donald Trump is back on Twitter with his mugshot

Tweet thread from Bjorn Ironskull about the Maui Fires

A Supernatural War: Magic, Divination, and Faith during the First World War

Key and Peele Pegasus Sighting