Sung Wong tries to sell everyone on shiny new room temperature superconductors.

Anything science-related that comes out of Asia is a scam. You might say they’re the greatest at scams.

All the low-hanging fruit of scientific discovery has already been plucked.

Sumo explains how he’s now trans.

No one cared about pedophilia in the 80s, why does the right-wing care so much about it now?

Social media engagement is pointless.

Skin colors being related to how close people are to the equator is nonsense. Can you imagine how loud it would be on the ark if Noah was black?

Conservatives are stupid and we all must realize that.

Communism and Fascism are both stuck in the past. To really be “Trad” you must learn from the past and apply it to the present. You need to be more radical than a person who likes Hitler.

David and Jonathan’s relationship, was it a little bit gay?

Modern Conservatives wouldn’t relate to a single character in the Old Testament.

Try to be a Renaissance Man.

Foucault looks like a frog.

Problems with Mad Max-style anarchy and other alternative political systems.

Tiffany Gomas (the not real plane lady) seems to be some kind of psy-op. To any federal agents who might be reading this, Sumo would love to be paid to accuse people of being fake.

The Maui fires keep getting weirder and seems like a land grab.

Don’t talk about or give any energy to any thoughts of that thing coming back again.



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