Rich Men North of Richmond is an obvious psy-op.

Bring back ginger shaming! Gingers are a problem because they have Nephilim DNA.

There are no heroes, the only person who saves you is yourself, or maybe your friends and God.

The switch back is coming…

Sound of Freedom funder arrested for child trafficking.

Is Barack Obama gay? Obama’s chef dies under mysterious circumstances and seemed to have an interesting relationship with Obama.

A lot of weird deaths seem to occur around famous people and politicians.

Past a certain level of income you have to morally compromise yourself.

That fire in Maui is super suspicious. Is it a land grab? Were there Directed Energy Weapons?

Also, aliens attacked a remote village in the jungles of Peru. The Peruvian government claims it’s just illegal miners with jetpacks.

A lot of people fear A.I. but Sumo doesn’t believe in it. He does advocate for slave labor though.

Most of what we consider to be A.I. is just people In Bangladesh being paid $3 an hour to look at the world’s dick pics for star ratings.

The A.I. shuts down Sumo’s Internet.

Kind of weird how A.I.s always turn into racists pretty fast.

Sumo doesn’t have any scandalous text messages, they’re mostly just confusing.

West World discussion, it’s just like real life and the Internet is great at exposing your secret inner self.

Silicon Valley has a giant army of people working slave wages to make their computers look smart. “Crowd-Sourced” really just means asking a bunch of people in Bangladesh to do the work.

A.I. isn’t real and it’s not going to take over.

Can demons communicate through A.I.?



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