The king and the magic mirror. How Archimedes discovered buoyancy.

You’re going to have to ruminate on this episode.

Divorce by combat vs divorce today.

Going to the Colosseum would be so awesome, better than anything on Tik Tok and Sumo would totally go. The app would be the most popular app ever. The ancient world was better in so many ways but also worse.

Space continues to appear to be fake.

The top of the Great Pyramid happens to be at the same latitude as the speed of light. Coincidence?

All our listeners need to start making things like art, music, books, podcasts, etc.

Sumo’s interpretation of Matthieu Pageau’s work. Sumo’s style is to get a lot of things wrong and then fix it later.

The greatest magic spell going on right now. Some how they’ve got the public blaming all of the people trying to figure out what’s causing all of our problems.

Nothing ever gets better, no matter who you vote for.

The level 1 conspiracy is to follow the money. All politicians are easily bought off but this can’t explain everything…

The level 2 conspiracy is that there are secret powerful groups trying to control everything.

The level 3 conspiracy is that this is ultimately a spiritual battle.

But the people who are trying to figure out what’s wrong and who’s doing it are always seen as the bad guys.

The “Meta Conspiracy” and how did we get here.

What we live in now must be the realm of conspiracy theory and must always be.

The three rules to get out of everything: admit nothing, deny everything and make counter accusations.

If you have no desire to control other people’s lives then you won’t ever become a politician.

Conspiracy theories about Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors.

The whole system depends on the public turning a blind eye. You could figure it out if you wanted to but you don’t because it’s too scary.

The “Axis of Always Dismiss, Never Consider” with silly on one side and perverse on the other.

The three components that shape this spell: “The Cloud of Expanding Confusion,” “The Circle of Infinite Confinement” and “The Mirror of Distracted Perception.”

The “Rainbow Cult” and the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad.”

The only way to achieve wisdom is through the staff and the stone.

Conservatives are all staff while Liberals are all stone. Sumo is the Rainbow King. Hakuna Matata.



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