The first ever MAPS members only livestream!

How different generations take care of (or don’t take care of) their children.

Sumo goes to see the live action Little Mermaid movie and talks about things that don’t make sense.

The CalArts animated style is ruining everything.

The new Snow White movie doesn’t look great either, the intentional uglification of all forms of art and entertainment right now, and the AI Movie Conspiracy.

Scaring people and then providing the solution is a great business model.

AI and the Chinese Room thought experiment, Albert Einstein gets all philosophical.

The Oppenheimer movie is pre-programming to get everyone scared of nuclear bombs again. When World War 3 happens you’ll have to give up your freedom so they can keep you safe.

Nukes aren’t real discussion.

Sumo explains M. Night Shyamalan’s movie “The Village” and how it applies to real life.

Pre-programming for the C***d operation and masks in Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie.

Pre-programming vs retro causality.

Why victim narratives are so powerful.

Christopher Nolan is this generation’s Stanley Kubrick.

Sumo doesn’t worry about anything anymore except for dinosaurs in the water.

Sumo’s World War 3 predictions.

The blue stripe or white and gold stripe dress meme is back!

Special thanks to all the members who jumped in! The discussion after we stopped recording was a lot of fun and we’ll definitely do it again.



Batman Mask Scene

2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony

1992 Barcelona Olympic Opening Ceremony

MAPS S1E087: We Are (People) Farmers, Bum Ba Dum Bum Bum

The Dress