Buy food buckets because France is on fire! Protesting is pointless and Europeans are insane/fundamentally broken. All you can do is take away their weapons. Americans are at lest slightly less insane.

MAPS really needs to sell food buckets.

The story of Ross Ulbricht and the Silk Road website.

When a member of your tribe commits a crime it’s natural to side against the police/government.

The justice system is usually pretty fair.

Jury Duty on Netflix is a great example of how reality works. Satan loves to tempt you and then laugh at how stupid you are.

Joe Rogan is not regular sized.

Reasons why people go to Thailand.

Kavi builds a deck and Sumo talks about his handyman adventures.

Real power isn’t forcing people to do things, it’s walking through the world in a way that makes people do what you want them to do.

Try to live in a higher vibration. You create your reality. Fear or anger drags you down and manifests a negative reality.

The recent Supreme Court rulings, no more affirmative action and you actually don’t have to bake the cake. No matter how much the left controls everything people still have to follow the laws on the books.

The Pfizer study showing one third of the doses were allegedly placebos. Theories about all the different shot batches and what happened.

Maybe Pfizer was the good guy?

A lot of fakery may have been going on to calm people down.

Be very careful about saying you know exactly what’s going on for sure when you’re talking about conspiracy stuff.

Do Neanderthals go to heaven? Who’s ever heard of a Neanderthal? Neanderthals didn’t exist. Science constantly changes it’s mind and when you try to adapt your beliefs and cosmology to fit whatever the current science is you’re going to have problems. Just say no.

Digital Sovereignty, The Mystical American Patriots Society may become the world’s first digital-based micronation!

Sumo’s definitely not starting a cult.

For now…



Jury Duty trailer

Pfizer Vaccine Batches in the EU Were Placebos, Say Scientists

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