Mr. Rogers was kind of creepy. A ton of stuff happened this week. What’s the deal with all the shoes?

They faked the moon quarantine, but the rest of the moon landing was definitely real. Sumo’s moon landing is fake prediction, bookmark this in your brain.

Conspiracy theories are still serving the system. Return to the Eternal Conspiracy. Finding ways to profit from the schemes of the elite.

The “Coup” in Russia. World War 3 predictions. Everyone should enjoy WW3, it’ll be fun.

The submarine disaster, Titanic conspiracies, and Central Banks.

.tv domains come from Tuvalu. Help the podcast move to Tuvalu.

Trump raises $6.6 million in 6 days, election predictions. Trump being elected and pardoning himself from prison will be the greatest comeback ever with maximum loosh.

Check out Sumo’s new Substack Modern Pulp.

Pyramids, the World Trader Center, as above so below. Monasteries and churches dedicated to St. Michael and commemorating his defeat of Satan casting him down to the United Kingdom.



The Apollo moon landing was real, but NASA’s quarantine procedure was not

More photos of the “Quarantine Facility”

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Trump raises $6.6M in 6 days after federal charges

Sumo’s New Substack, Modern Pulp

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Saint Michael’s Line