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The Voyage of Saint Brendan

The Limits of Hybridization


Smokestack Medieval Beer #1: Sage Ale:

(Based largely on a recipe from this book by Buhner.)

Dev notes: Low gravity saison-like ale. Malty. Next time add more sugar and bitter herbs. Perhaps a bit of Artemisia Absinthium. When bottling in gallon growlers, prime with 2 tbsp sugar- Carbonation was a little flat with 1 tbsp.


4 lbs malt extract
2 lbs honey
4 oz fresh sage
2 oz licorice root
4 gallons water

Step 1.
Simmer 2 oz sage and licorice root in 2 gallons of water for one hour.

Step 2.
Add tea resultant of step 1, malt extract and honey to fermenting vessel. Agitate to dissolve sugars.

Step 3.
Add 2 gallons cold water and remainder of sage to fermenting vessel.

Step 4.
When liquid cools to room temp, add yeast.

Ferment completely, until only a few specks of foam remain on the surface. Prime bottles with 1/2 tsp sugar per 12 oz. Bottle condition for two weeks.