Sovereign Citizens’ Occult Lawfare. (00:24:00) Dating Advice, Pt. 1. (00:59:00) Gog-Magog. Hitler’s Monsters. The Universal History and Legendarium. Rebirth of Monsters. Argentina’s Economic Collapse. The 4th Turning.



Song: Going Gets Tough by Los Growlers

Hitler’s Monsters, by Eric Kurlander

History of the Kings of Britain, by Geoffrey of Monmouth

Surviving The Economic Collapse, by Fernando Aguirre

The Fourth Turning, by Strauss and Howe


Dating Pt. 1:

  1. Preliminaries

    1. Advise given from my Christian perspective

    2. Advise directed to men for finding a wife.

  2. Mindset:

    1. Embrace rejection and suffering. Every relationship (or attempt) will end in bitter disaster until one doesn’t.

      1. Suffering/rejection makes you stronger. Use it. Like working out or fighting. It’s potent.

      2. Getting rejected doesn’t mean you suck, or that you did it wrong. Those things could be true, but rejection is not the indicator to look for. Rejection just means that it’s not going to work with that one (at least right now) and you usually will never really know why. Just decide that you’re alright with that.

      3. If, however, you find yourself pining over a woman for weeks or months, totally emotionally involved in an non-reciprocal way, and never taking your shot for fear of rejection, that 100% means that you suck and are doing it wrong.

        1. There is zero reason to be emotionally wrapped up in someone you have no relationship with. It’s the emotional version of porn, with similar consequences for you life.

        2. This behavior is based in cowardice and suffering-avoidance. You make a one-way pseudo-relationship that does not satisfy, because you are avoiding the possibility of rejection and failure.

        3. If you find yourself in this position, just take your shot, knowing it will probably fail, and use the rejection to strengthen yourself and over come your fear of it.

        4. We will cover how to avoid this trap later.

    2. Women are kinda crazy.

      1. Their behavior will often confuse you. That’s normal. Find some crazy you can work with. Don’t expect rational behavior.

      2. However, if a woman is giving you clear behavioral interest-signals, and her responses to your action to not match those signals, she probably has some things she needs to figure out in her life. Bummer, but not really your fault. She just hasn’t figured out relationships yet, or what she wants.

    3. Loneliness: Don’t hold up a relationship as the desperately needed solution to your loneliness. You need better reasons than that to pursue someone. I get it. Modern life is very lonely and alienating. A wife can really help with that, but it’s not the reason to get one. Thinking this way depersonalized your prospective mate into a “solution”, and sets an impossible exception for the relationship.

    4. “Hotness” does not necessarily equal attraction. The thrill of dating a 10 wears off in a couple of weeks. After that, attraction is based on conduct, character, the out-workings of your regard for each other, and self-respect. Attraction is important, but you need to evaluate the whole woman in the same way you hope they will evaluate you.

  3. Order your live in an advantageous way

    1. Community: join one or make one.

      1. Community is not a friend group. Its something bigger, based on shared values, and with people coming and going. Communities provide opportunities.

    2. Bros: You need them.

      1. If all your friends are girls, that sends a signal that you are either a player, or a gamma-male. It doesn’t matter if it’s not true. It’s a bad signal. Also, these friendships, while they can be very nice in their own way, won’t survive them getting married to someone else.

      2. A good group of male friends:

        1. Camaraderie and confidence.

        2. Opportunities to demonstrate leadership, courage, and dominion (more on those later)

        3. Opportunities to meet women who haven’t friend-zoned you.

    3. Quit porn: If you are consuming porn, this is going to cripple your mind and make you into a gargoyle. You have no business pursuing a relationship until you get that solved. Step 1. Is confess your problem to God and a bro/mentor you trust and can help you. But this is a separate topic entirely beyond this discussion.