00:09 – Smokestack fails at forecasting dixie doomsday. Democracy and protesting are fake and ghey.

00:21 – The Poetry of G.K. Chesterton. Poetry can and should be manly. Chesterton on love and God. Thoughts on epic poetry. Modern art is crap, and probably a money laundering scheme.

00:49 – Making your own knife. WHICH WAY WESTERN MAN?!

01:02 – Rupert Sheldrake / Morphogenetic Fields / Morphic Resonance. Launching the MAPS scientific journal… at some point. The the failures of genetics.



Basic making a knife timelapse (Gough Custom)

How to your first knife by forging (Walter Sorrells)

A New Science of Life by Rupert Sheldrake


Fields, bruh