Free Kevin Mitnick!

Life lessons from obese Steve Harvey. Only working when people are watching is the American way. Hacking used to be cool.

Sumo segues into population collapse.

Discussion of the Birthgap documentary with thoughts and theories why no one around the world is having kids.

Fertility statistics about different countries.

Births being uncoupled from marriage doesn’t seem to influence the overall birth rate.

Sacrifice vs debt.

Are lol fertility rates correlated with electricity usage?

Low fertility rates demonstrate how evolution isn’t true.

Sumo watches the gay episode of The Last of Us.

Suffering is necessary.

Do rich areas ring themselves with violent criminals to keep out the hoodrats and rednecks who don’t know how to be classy? Sumo supports San Francisco’s strategy of doing this.

Sumo likes to pretend to buy yachts.

Is Claus Schwab actually the good guy? Is he trying to impose struggle to prevent the Mouse Utopia?

Trad-wives vs kink.

Is the only way to solve the fertility crisis a giant catastrophe where a huge number of people die and everyone gets uncomfortable?

The Sound of Freedom movie and everything happening around it is weird. Sumo talks about what movies he’d ban if he was dictator.

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Birthgap – Childless World PART 1